• Presenters: Joan Trice & Peter Christensen

    In this pre-recorded webinar hear an engaging dialogue with Joan Trice, Founder of Collateral Risk Network, and Peter Christensen, General Counsel of LIA discussing the AMC Final Rules. This webinar is an open discussion with Joan and Peter focused on FAQs. Major topics include:
    • Minimum AMC Registration Requirements
    • Firms vs. AMC
    • Appraisal Independence
    • Customary & Reasonable Fee Enforcement
    • Voluntary State Adoption
    • Appraiser Selection
  • Presenters: Joan Trice

    In this on-demand webinar available now for download, learn why appraiser selection is the “single most important part of the appraisal process.” Gain an understanding of why background screening is essential and what you should consider in your policy and practices. Take a look at our checklist and ensure you have considered all pertinent information in your appraiser selection criteria. Intended audience is vendor managers, chief appraisers and compliance officers at financial institutions and AMCs. (Appraisers are certainly welcome.)
  • Presenter: Lisa McFadden

    This pre-recorded webinar covering the state appraisal management company rules is a must see for compliance managers, controlling persons, chief appraisers and anyone responsible for AMC compliance. In this webinar Lisa McFadden provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative and regulatory requirements for AMCs in the 38 states that currently provide for licensing or registration of AMCs. This webinar also covers the various requirements to obtain proper licensure or registration, including registration fees, bonds, background checks and other disclosures. In addition to the common legislative and regulatory requirements found in many states, the webinar highlights some of the more unique and unusual state requirements. Lastly, we take a look at some best practices to help streamline compliance efforts for AMCs to satisfy state requirements and most importantly, to ensure you stay compliant.
  • Presenter: Peter Gillispie

    This webinar is intended to provide participants with an overview of the appraisal desk review process that FHA utilizes in its Post Endorsement Technical Review of FHA loans as well as the review process that FHA employs in conducting reviews of appraisers on the FHA Roster. FHA inspection and repair protocols for appraisers will be reviewed in the context of the importance for appraisers to comply with the protocols in order to perform an appraisal report that is satisfactory to FHA. The webinar focuses on the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR), which is the most prevalent of the appraisal reporting forms submitted for reporting an appraisal of a single family residential home that is to be collateral for an FHA insured loan. Participants will become familiar with the red flags that can potentially signal a deficient or misleading appraisal as well as those aspects of an appraisal that are considered unacceptable to FHA. Two HUD forms which, if not completed correctly, or are incomplete or missing from the loan file, can result in impeding endorsement of the loan, will also be reviewed.
  • Presenter: Tony Pistilli

    On demand webinar, available now for download. Dodd Frank ushered in sweeping new appraisal regulations. The federal bank regulators revised the Interagency and Evaluation Guidelines in December 2010 the first update since 1994. Four years later, what has the impact been on lending practices and the appraisal process?
  • TRID: Appraisal & AMC Impacts Is TRID giving you heartburn? Take this webinar to better understand how to avoid pitfalls. Do you still have questions about how appraisals are impacting the disclosure and closing documents with the implementation of TRID? Nanci Weissgold and Colgate Selden of Alston & Bird discuss, in detail, preventative measures to implement to avoid the new stresses of TRID. The webinar covers:
    • Background
    • Disclosures
      • Loan Estimate
      • Closing Disclosure
    • Creditors are Responsible
    • Creditor Liability
    • TRID and Appraisals
    • Scenarios and the process
    Nanci Weissgold is a member of Alston & Bird’s Financial Services & Products Group and a co-leader of the Consumer Finance Regulatory Compliance team. She advises financial institutions and financial service providers on issues relating to mortgage lending and mortgage servicing, valuation, and other consumer lending issues as part of her national regulatory compliance practice. Colgate Selden is a counsel in Alston & Bird’s Financial Services & Products Group. His national practice focuses on guiding clients through federal and state origination, servicing, debt collection, and secondary market issues. Prior to joining Alston & Bird, Colgate was a founding member of the U.S. Treasury’s CFPB Implementation Team charged with standing up the CFPB and later became a senior counsel in the CFPB’s Office of Regulations. While at the CFPB, he developed and drafted TRID among other policies and rules.


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