So, you want to be an appraiser? We know it is very confusing and difficult to tell exactly where to start. There is a reason many trainees sprout from another family member. It seems that “insider knowledge” is necessary to navigate the complicated maze of rules and requirements.

You’ve come to the right place. The Collateral Risk Network has the only “virtual career coach” program designed to steer you along the appraisal career path. Now you can chat with a seasoned veteran who can act as your virtual coach.


    *You will be contacted within a few days by your virtual career coach. If you don’t get a response within 5 days please let us know at



    Where are you thinking about taking your educational requirements? Should I take online classes or onsite classes?


    Please review your state’s website, in advance, for requirements at the state level. This may lead to a lot of questions. Don’t expect your virtual career coach to have done this research for you. 


    Have questions prepared for your virtual career coach. How do I find a supervisor? What defines a good supervisor? Will I be an employee or an independent contractor? Are there opportunities at banks, assessor offices, local appraisers? What skill sets are needed for commercial vs. residential?