The Committees

The Committees’ mission is to examine all aspects of the collateral risk, within their respective areas of responsibility, and to identify solutions that provide guiding principles that sustain the a healthy housing finance system and its benefactors through alignment and transparency.

The Collateral Risk Network (CRN) announced the formation of a Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) to augment its membership to explore key concerns facing the real estate valuation industry.  “There are quite a few gaps in the current operational workflow that impact the valuation process. The lack of a unique real property identifier is another” according to Joan Trice, the founder and President of the CRN.  “These gaps have a dramatic impact on service levels.  Additionally, insufficient information has historically been gathered at time of loan application, regarding the subject property.  Appraisers need to research most orders before they can bid on them” Trice continues.  The SAG will be leveraged by the CRN committees in the coming months to address specific initiatives.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit: to sign-up to be included in the communications and meetings.  There is no cost associated with SAG participation.

Government Affairs

Ernie Durbin, Voxtur Valuation

Cindi Harris, Class Valuation

Monitor a broad range of Federal and State issues that affect the valuation community. This committee is responsible for writing comment letters as new laws and guidance are exposed for public comment or emerging issues need attention.

Best Practices

Teri Zarate, Stewart

Ashley Bierwolf, HomeVision

Identify and establish best practices for appraisal stakeholders and consumers of appraisals. The Best Practices Committee will also develop methods to disseminate the information throughout the housing industry.


Alex Todak, Kairos Appraisal

Patrick Brown, Valutrust Solutions

Provides a forum for AMCs only (peer to peer) to explore and serve the needs of AMCs within the valuation community.


Wade Coffey, Bank of America


Caryn Blauser

Jessica Jenkins-Tome
Freedom Mortgage

Provides a forum for lenders only (peer to peer) to explore and serve the needs of lenders within the valuation community.


Liz Green, LoanLogics

Katherine Owen, Umpqua Bank

Develop or adopt standards for the following – a unique geospatial ID for all real estate; appraisal forms/reporting formats, unique ID for appraisers (digital certificate), AVM standards, home measurement standards, value definitions, education standards for RMBS, and Green Standards.


Peter Christensen, Valuation Legal

Kevin Hopkins, Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services

Primarily concerned with monitoring the activities of the board of directors, ensuring that a nonprofit’s board of directors is functioning appropriately and efficiently.


Jeff Bradford, Bradford Technologies

Leland Trice, Opteon

The nomination committee will evaluate the board of directors and examine the skills and characteristics needed in board candidates, committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs and Councils.