The Collateral Risk Network interacts with non-profit trade associations, academics, government agencies, appraisers, rating agencies, private mortgage insurers, investors, AMCs, regulators, lenders, and vendors through its two Advisory Councils.  Advisory Councils provide recommendations to the CRN on significant issues being discussed in our various committees.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is comprised of rating agencies, private mortgage companies, lenders, regulators, trade associations and think tanks. The SAC was created as a path to gain insight from all stakeholders within the housing finance sector. A housing finance system works best when all stakeholders participate in a holistic approach to solutions. Interested parties are encouraged to visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CRNAdvGroupApp to sign-up to be included in the communications and meetings.  There is no cost associated with SAG participation.

The Government Enterprises Council (GEC) is comprised of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the VA, FHA, USDA, FHLB and Ginnie Mae. The GEC was established to ensure that the CRN and associates are apprised of policy changes and that they are properly communicated to ensure an efficient market response by our various stakeholders.