Wes has been a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser for 35 years. He began his valuation career in a residential-and-commercial family firm, before joining Bank of America for almost 20 years, in their in-house residential appraisal department. During that time, Wes first became involved in the Collateral Risk Network, believing that appraisers could best foster growth of the profession by cooperation and consensus-Building.

While at Bank of America, Wes drove many innovations of their appraisal processes, including a national time-and-motion study with staff appraisers to identify best practices and improve appraisal turn times. He also sponsored and taught in Bank of America’s appraisal trainee program, which allowed dozens of bank employees to become appraisers.

In the past 10-15 years, Wes has served as the chief appraiser in two national appraisal management operations, before returning to private residential and consulting practice about four years ago. This has afforded the time and flexibility to serve more directly in the Collateral Risk Network.