Cristy Conolly, Chief Appraiser and Senior Vice President of Quality Control and Compliance at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN), has been voted the Valuation Visionary for 2020. The Valuation Visionary Award, established by the Collateral Risk Network (CRN) in 2011, nominates the person who exemplifies integrity, dedication, and exemplary service to the collateral valuation profession. The Valuation Visionary Award has become the most coveted award in the appraisal profession, represented in prior years by Tony Pistilli, Computershare; Mark Linne, ValueScape Analytics; Greg Stephens, Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC; Jeff Bradford, Bradford Technologies; Rick Langdon, Wells Fargo; George Opelka, ACI; Alan Hummel, First American Mortgage Solutions; Ernie Durbin, Clarocity; and most recently, Paul Chandler, Property Sciences.

When told of the award, Cristy stated “It’s a true honor to receive this award and join the group of remarkable men that are previous Valuation Visionary recipients. I look forward to continued collaboration and efforts to positively impact the industry.”

Those nominating Cristy for this award mentioned that besides Cristy’s work through her current seat on the Florida Board of Real Estate Appraisers, she has been an active member and previous Chair of the CRN Emerging Issues committee. She continually offers positive and constructive ideas through thoughtful discussion. Cristy is passionate about improving processes, quality, and compliance through education. Cristy is always looking to help appraisers and others in the valuation industry. Cristy’s strengths are complemented by her leadership skills. She continually steps up to support positive change. She gets involved and freely gives her time and expertise to build a better valuation community. Cristy has presented at numerous events providing compliance insights to help all stakeholders understand the existing challenges. Joan Trice, the President and CEO of the Collateral Risk Network, Inc. states, “We are very excited that Cristy is getting recognition for her tireless work in the industry. Many people talk about the changes needed in the industry, but few people step up and do the real work. Cristy ‘walks the walk.’”

The CRN is a group of valuation experts focused on resolving the many challenges facing our profession. Lending institutions, Wall Street, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Veterans Affairs, the Federal Housing Administration, Appraisal Managements Companies, and appraisers are represented in the CRN. Through our quarterly meetings and private email network, the thought leaders within the appraisal profession act as counsel to each other, share experiences, and assist each other in solving mutual problems.