Ernie Durbin, Chief Valuation Officer for Clarocity, has been voted the Valuation Visionary for 2018. The Valuation Visionary award, established by the Collateral Risk Network (CRN) in 2011, nominates the person who exemplifies integrity, dedication and exemplary service to the collateral valuation profession.  Ernie has earned this award through his hard work and dedication to the profession. The Valuation Visionary Award has become the most coveted award in the appraisal profession represented in prior years by Tony Pistilli, Computershare; Mark Linné, ValueScape; Greg Stephens, Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC; Jeff Bradford, Bradford Technologies; Rick Langdon, Wells Fargo; George Opelka, ACI; and most recently Alan Hummel, First American Mortgage Solutions.

Ernie is widely recognized as an innovative leader with vision and foresight. Joan Trice, the founder of the Collateral Risk Network states “I first met Ernie after I relocated to Cincinnati and we became fast friends.  It’s such a pleasure to see a close personal friend awarded this great honor. Ernie has a unique ability for development of new products due to his unique skills at being both a subject matter expert and a technologist.”

Scott Reuter, Chief Appraiser and Director of Valuation for Freddie Mac commented “Ernie embodies everything that is right about our profession. He has not only evolved as an appraiser, he embraces and endorses technology, data and innovation.”

The CRN is a group of valuation experts focused on resolving the many challenges facing our profession. The CRN is represented by lending institutions, Wall Street, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Veterans Affairs, the Federal Housing Administration, Appraisal Management Companies, and appraisers. Through our quarterly meetings and private email network the “thought leaders” within the appraisal profession act as counsel to each other, share experiences, and assist each other in solving mutual problems.