Rick Langdon, Chief Residential Appraiser, has been voted the Valuation Visionary for 2015. The Valuation Visionary award, established by the Collateral Risk Network in 2011, nominates the person who exemplifies integrity, dedication and exemplary service to the collateral valuation profession. The Valuation Visionary Award has become the most coveted award in the appraisal profession represented in prior years by Tony Pistilli, Mark Linne’, Greg Stephens and Jeff Bradford.

Joan Trice, the founder of the Collateral Risk Network states “it is with great pleasure I get to make this announcement. Rick is a regular speaker at Valuation Expo each year. He is the most highest rated speaker we have so he has earned a permanent spot on the podium. He exudes passion for the industry. When he gets on the podium the audience gets very excited by Rick’s high energy and positive message and vision for the future. I don’t know how to precisely define leadership except to say Rick has all of the attributes of a true leader”.