Brad Davis is the Executive Director and Manager for Chief Appraiser for Morgan Stanley Collateral Valuations team. Responsibilities include oversight of the Private Bank Wealth Management loan origination appraisal process, whole loan acquisitions and loan sales, servicing oversight for property and valuation related responsibilities, warehouse line, portfolio oversight, and real estate market trends and reporting. Brad’s current team is made up of nineteen valuation employees across the country, of which fourteen are either certified or certified general appraisers. His team is responsible for the oversight on all valuations work for the firm.

Brad has been with Morgan Stanley for 16 years in his current role and has been in the industry for 35 years. Prior to Morgan Stanley, he was the Chief Appraiser for GE Mortgage Services and GE Mortgage Insurance. While there, he was responsible for all aspects of Appraisal Valuation Policies, Procedures, Review, REO Valuations, and Internal/External Appraisal Training. Other responsibilities included Risk Manager, Contract Compliance Manager, and Recourse Administration Manager for GE Mortgage Corporation and GE Mortgage Insurance. Prior to this, Brad was with American Savings/Washington Mutual for 16 years in various management rolls including Regional Appraisal Manager for the Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest appraisal regions.

Morgan Stanley is a member of Appraisal Foundation Industry Advisory Council.